Nevada’s Mandatory Arbitration Program

I recently attended the Broadway play Hamilton.  In that play, King George, III provides comic relief.  Following the portrayal of England’s loss in the Revolutionary War, King George takes on somewhat of a third-party neutral roll when commenting on the Read More »

Products Liability in Nevada

The other day, an iPhone exploded in a repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The video went viral.  Although I’ve heard of these types of incidents before, that specific occurrence got me thinking.  About a year and a half ago, Read More »

Non-Competition Agreements in Nevada

One of my favorite books regarding starting a business is about a small shoe company that eventually turned into the market leader in the industry.  That book, Shoe Dog, was written by one of Nike’s founders, Phil Knight.  In that Read More »

Vehicle Total Loss

In the summer of 2017, Lebron James was frustrated that the Cleveland Cavaliers were not spending enough money to keep up with the rest of the NBA’s attempts at re-tooling their rosters for improvements.  Sometimes our clients have a similar Read More »