Despite my new year’s resolution to be more positive, life is inherently full of risk. While there may be a grain of truth to the cliche ‘ignorance is bliss,’ sometimes it’s better to be fully aware of the risks you face on a daily basis — and how they can be mitigated. Below, we offer insight into some of the most common — and unexpected — sources of injury.

Car Accident

If you drive, you will almost assuredly be involved in a car accident at some point. Estimates from the opens in a new windowcar insurance industry suggest that the average driver files a claim at least once every 17.9 years. This statistic doesn’t take into account the many drivers who fail to file after being involved in accidents. The good news? Data from the opens in a new windowNational Safety Council indicates that just one of every 1,000 accidents involve fatalities. Still, the cost of even minor accidents can be prohibitive, with many victims suffering lasting physical and mental damage.

Medical Malpractice

The hospital should be where you go to get better, but your trip to a medical facility may be the start of your problems. opens in a new windowExperts cite medical malpractice as the third leading cause of death in the United States. From misdiagnosis to hospital-acquired infections, a variety of issues could leave you feeling far worse than you should. Of course, this shouldn’t serve as a reason to avoid medical treatment altogether. Rather, it’s important to be aware of issues in the medical profession — and to be willing to advocate for yourself when necessary.

Slip and Fall

One wrong step during your next visit to the grocery store or gas station, and you could find yourself with a broken hip or a myriad of other fall-related injuries. Outside can be even more dangerous when winter strikes; far too many business and homeowners fail to de-ice their walkways. According to the opens in a new windowNational Floor Safety Institute, falls are responsible for 8 million visits to emergency rooms every year.

Dog Bite

Dogs may be adorable, but if not properly trained and restrained, they can be surprisingly lethal. Hence, opens in a new windowCenters for Disease Control statistics indicating that over 4.7 million dog bites occur per year in the United States.

Plane Crash

Nearly half of those who board planes fear that their journey will end in tragedy. The good news? You’re far less likely to die in a car crash than you are in a myriad of other accidents. The odds of crashing are one for every 1.2 million flights — and the odds of dying in a plane crash are one for every 11 million flights. As highlighted above, the roads you travel each day are far more dangerous than your average flight.

Boating Accident

Whether you’re in a canoe or on a cruise, the water can be dangerous. Sadly, recreational boating accidents and deaths are on the rise; the opens in a new windowUnited States Coast Guard reported 658 fatalities in 2017. The main contributing factors were inattention and inexperience among operators. Alcohol consumption also played a role in far too many boating accidents.

Vending Machine

It might be your chief source of forbidden snack-based pleasure, but that vending machine you frequent a bit too often just might harm you in other ways. Every year, two United States residents are crushed to death by opens in a new windowvending machines. The odds of this occurring are mercifully slim, but less deadly issues can also arise, such as hands or arms caught in these surprisingly risky contraptions.

There’s no escaping risk in daily life, but it is possible to address common hazards and hold those responsible for suffering accountable. The Las Vegas personal injury car accident team at Steve Dixon Law can help — call (702) 329-4911 today to learn more.

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