At Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, we understand that driving in Las Vegas can be frustrating.  Whether you are going to work or just running errands there can be times when you get behind a slow driver.  As a result, we tend to drive too close to the person in front of us.  This is also known as tailgating.  You may not know it, but tailgating, or driving too close, is a traffic violation in Nevada. 

Penalties for Following Too Closely in Nevada

The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) define traffic laws.  Specifically, NRS 484B.127 deals with following too closely behind another driver.  Drivers in Nevada are required to provide an amount of space that is reasonable under the circumstances.  Some statutes even state that another vehicle should be able to easily come between you and the car ahead of you when merging into your lane.  There are other rules that also pertain to commercial vehicles.  In that instance, you must allow 500 feet between yourself and the other vehicle.  Obviously, the main concern all around is driver safety on all fronts.

By driving too close a person can end up responsible for an accident, even if it wasn’t completely their fault.  Driving too closely is a leading cause of car accidents and injuries.  The penalties for driving too close in Las Vegas, Nevada can be significant.  Such a ticket could result in a fine of hundreds of dollars and several points for insurance purposes on your driver’s license.  If a person receives 12 or more demerit points with the DMV in a single year, your driver’s license is subject to being suspended automatically.

The Dangers of Following Too Closely

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), almost 50% of all accidents in the United States are a result of driving too close.  The Las Vegas car accident attorneys at Steve Dixon Law regularly receive calls concerning these types of accidents.  They often are the result of heavy traffic, specifically at rush hour. The obvious danger of following too close is causing injury to yourself or others.  It simply makes sense to keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.  This is true not matter the situation you are in.  

Keep Your Distance

Driving too close can be avoided by slowing down.  It can also be avoided by maintaining a safe distance between your car and that in front of you.  In addition, you can possibly avoid liability for an accident that might not be your fault by keeping a safe distance.  In some situations you might be rear ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of you.  If you are too close to the vehicle in front of you, even if you did not initiate the original accident, you might be held liable for a part of the accident itself.   Ultimately, be safe and keep distance between yourself and other drivers.  If you have questions about driving too close, or have been in an accident because of this situation, call Steve Dixon Law at (702) 329-4911 for a free consultation. 

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