Finding a good lawyer is not easy.  At Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, we want to give you some tips about finding the right lawyer for you.  Even if you know a good lawyer, he or she might not know enough about the area of law your case requires.  There are many different types of lawyers that practice in a variety of areas.  These include family law, personal injury, contracts, business, etc.  As a result, the first step is to figure out which type of lawyer you need.

Getting Started

At Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, we believe referrals are the best way to find a lawyer.  A friend or family member may have used a lawyer before.  If so, they can shed light on whether they liked or disliked that lawyer.

Another way to find a lawyer is to perform an online search.  Although you may not personally know that lawyer, an online search will allow you to see any potential reviews or negative action the state bar association has taken against that lawyer.  The State Bar of Nevada also has a search function where you can look up whether an attorney has any negative history.
The downside of using the Nevada State Bar is that it has no information in regards to personal reviews.  This is another area where an online search engine such as LegalMatch can be beneficial.  On the other hand, a lot of lawyers don’t even know they have a profile on such a location and the information may not be correct.  As a result, the best way to go about finding a lawyer is to do as much homework as possible.  This includes contacting friends or family, and doing some online research.
After you have pre-screened lawyers in your area, it is still important to conduct an in person interview to determine if he or she is the right fit for you.  At Steve Dixon Law, we’ve had clients tell us specifically, “I felt comfortable with you after we met.”  This is a good indicator that your relationship can be fruitful even during litigation when things can get stressful. 

What Are Some Questions to Ask a Lawyer?

Being prepared at your first meeting with the lawyer is important.  Below are some possible questions to ask to make sure you are comfortable with your lawyer.
1.  Have you handled similar cases?

Your attorney needs to have some experience with cases like yours.  It isn’t necessary that they have decades and decades of experience, but having someone brand new isn’t always the best strategy either.
2.  What do you charge?

This is a HUGE question because an attorney should be able to give you a ballpark of what fees and costs will be for most situations.  This will help you determine whether you can afford to move forward in the first place.
3.  Have you ever been disciplined or sanctioned for attorney misconduct?

If the attorney has been sanctioned or disciplined this may be a red flag to you.  Even if the attorney tells you he or she has not been sanctioned, you can confirm this with the Nevada State Bar.
4.  How often will you communicate with me?

A good attorney will communicate regularly with a client.  It is important to know what is going on in your case, even if contact is only made once or twice a quarter.  One of the worst things for a client to hear is that something slipped through the cracks, or something major came up and the client was not aware.
5.  Is litigation necessary?

An honest attorney will likely give you alternative ways to resolve your issue.  You may not like those alternatives, but they still exist.  At Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, we have often explained to clients other alternative ways to resolve their case that don’t include hiring our firm.  We hope that in the future this helps our office when others need a referral to find the right lawyer.
6.  How do you think my case will turn out?

Attorneys can never guarantee results.  However, we try to be as honest as possible and give you our best advice as to whether your case has any chance of succeeding.

If you need to find the right lawyer, please feel free to contact our office for a free consultation.  Call Steve Dixon Law at (702) 329-4911 to schedule a meeting with our attorneys in Las Vegas, Logandale, or Mesquite, Nevada.