At Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, we base a lot of our work on setting high goals then doing everything we can to achieve them.  This attitude stems from an early age, particularly for our founding partner, Steve Dixon.  As an undersized and under-athletic youth, he had to work hard for what he accomplished in athletics.  Thankfully, those lessons continue with him today.  Not only in our law practice, but in life as well.  Here is some advice on goal setting from an affordable Las Vegas lawyer.

One of the reasons Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law is considered an affordable Las Vegas law firm is because we know how hard you work to set and obtain your own goals.  We don’t want to get in the way of that.  As a result, we work with you on your budget to help accomplish your legal desires in the manner that will suit you best, but still comply with the laws and statutes in place. 

One of our favorite goals is training for a race.  For example, employees of Steve Dixon Law, Las Vegas’ affordable lawyers, have competed in various 5k, half marathon and marathon races in the past few years.  Indeed, Mr. Dixon is currently training for the upcoming Sand Hollow Half Marathon near St. George, Utah. 

Here are some words of advice on goal setting from someone with experience: 

First, set goals that get you motivated.  Right now, my goal is to set a personal record for the half marathon.  Although I don’t necessarily enjoy running, I feel good being in shape.  Setting a goal to run faster helps get me out of bed in the early morning hours particularly on days when I don’t want to train.  The personal record goal keeps me motivated.

Second, set smart goals.  Don’t set a goal that will be too much for you to chew off.  For example, I don’t really have time to train for a 50 mile race.  Between work, activities for my kids, and trying to spend time with my family, I simply don’t have time to train even more than an hour or two each day.  Setting a goal that you have time to accomplish and work toward regularly will make you feel better about yourself when it actually occurs.

Third, write down your goals.  This is very simple, but I can honestly say I have always accomplished the goal I wrote down.  I put it in a place where I can regularly see it to remind myself.  Write things down!

Fourth, create a plan that you can follow and track your progress.  In my case while training for a half marathon, I create an excel spreadsheet where I can write down how much I need to run each day during the week.  I check off each run so I can see how much I have accomplished.  This is also a good way to get some confidence on days when you don’t think you can make it.  Hey, you’ve made it so far so keep going!

Fifth, don’t quit.  Don’t give up.  Even if you don’t quite obtain what you first set out to do, I promise that you will look back and be grateful for the experience.  You will also see how far you have come since the beginning.  Then, you can set another goal, learn from your past experiences, and achieve even more in the future.

Although this post isn’t tailored necessarily for legal advice, the affordable Las Vegas lawyers at Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law can help you create goals for your legal needs and stick to them.  Please contact our office for a free consultation at (702) 329-4911.

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