You obviously want your personal injury case to be a success. You don’t want to settle for anything less than what you rightfully deserve. Your Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas will try his or her best to get you a good settlement.  However, some people ask why you should settle before the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. There is a solid reason to do that and you need to be aware of it.

When you suffer from a car accident or have a slip & fall incident (which gives rise to premises liability), or if you’ve been in some other type of personal injury case, according to the law you are given the legal right to ask for or demand compensation for your injuries. You may have suffered trauma and losses to your income through all of this and that is why the court system allows you to make a claim for damages. As a matter of fact, this is the very reason people are asked to keep an insurance policy in the first place.

As a result, there are cases when the insurance provider will offer to pay you an amount of money in the form of settlement in return for an agreement that you will not pursue a lawsuit in court. Insurance companies do this at times in order to save costs.  This can also prove beneficial to you. This is a point of time when you will need the assistance of a Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas. Steve Dixon Law knows what exactly to do in a situation like this. They are experienced and skilled in this area of the law and can guide you as to whether you need to pursue settlement or litigate the lawsuit in court.

If your case is strong enough, you don’t need to settle for any low amount being offered by the insurance company. As the injured party, you need to pick the option that is most beneficial for you. If the insurance money proves more lucrative, and you see that winning the case is going to be a very difficult or time-consuming affair, go for it after consulting about it with your attorney.

Your attorney will be able to guide you the best in this regard. Steve Dixon Law has handled these kinds of cases more often than you can imagine and this is why they can give you a fair idea of how strong a chance you stand of gaining anything out of the trial. They know that the waiting period could last for months and sometimes years. They also know that the court system is not everyone’s cup of tea and that you might completely recuperate before the final trial which means less sympathy from the jury at the time of the verdict and that means less money for your damages. So now you know when it is right to accept settlement money.

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