If we were to conduct a poll regarding which group of people obtains the most speeding tickets in a given year, our guess is you’d probably be wrong.  Most people likely say either “teen drivers” or “young men.”  This isn’t really surprising because both groups have a stereotypical reputation for driving quickly and breaking the rules — either on purpose or through a lack of experience.

Despite those guesses, this stereotype isn’t actually true.  The reality is that young men are not the demographic with the most speeding tickets in your typical year.

That honor actually goes to adult drivers between opens in a new window30 years old and 49 years old.  It could be said that the reason for this is based on income.  Specifically, those who earn more than $75,000 per year and who also fall into that age group are the most likely to get a ticket. The median income in the United States is about $52,000, so these are people who make considerably more than the average household.

Why do they get more tickets? For one thing, many of them are busy professionals and parents of young children. They have busy schedules and a lot of deadlines. They often risk it and speed just because they can never seem to get everything done.

That relatively high income may play a role as well. A college student with $500 in a bank account just can’t afford a speeding ticket. A young professional with thousands in savings and a steady income can weather than financial hit much more easily, and they know it.  As a result, the risk isn’t as great.

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