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Nevada Speeding Ticket Cost

What is the cost of a speeding ticket in Nevada? A new study by GOBankingRates says that Nevada is the most expensive state in which to receive a speeding ticket.  The fines in Nevada are up to three times more Read More »

Las Vegas traffic ticket

Who Gets the Most Speeding Tickets?

If we were to conduct a poll regarding which group of people obtains the most speeding tickets in a given year, our guess is you’d probably be wrong.  Most people likely say either “teen drivers” or “young men.”  This isn’t Read More »

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Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Nevada

As top Las Vegas car accident and Las Vegas personal injury attorneys, we often come across many questions and clients that have issues regarding traffic tickets and what to do following an accident.  If you have a driver’s license in Read More »

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Nevada Statutes of Limitations

Like other states, Nevada has specific state laws that govern personal injury lawsuits and insurance settlements. Whether you’re planning to file a case in court or simply negotiate a claim with an insurance company, this article discusses a few key Read More »