At Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, we are one of the top Las Vegas Ticket Lawyers in the state!  We can help you when you’ve received a traffic or speeding ticket.  Our office has successfully reduced and negotiated traffic tickets with Courts throughout Nevada.  This includes Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Moapa Valley, Logandale, Overton, Mesquite, Pahrump, Tonopah, Henderson, Jean, and many other areas in the state.  If you need help with your traffic ticket, contact the Las Vegas Ticket Lawyers at Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law ASAP at (702) 329-4911.  Our office can most likely reduce your speeding or traffic ticket to a parking violation.  In addition, we can generally reduce the fine and leave you with zero points for the DMV and help you avoid traffic school. 

Although we make no guarantees as to how much or whether the fine will actually be reduced, in most cases we can in fact help.  One of the main reasons to have an attorney “fix your ticket” is so that you avoid DMV points.  These points are reported to insurance companies.  The more points you have, the more your car insurance rates increase.  Thus, you should definitely consider hiring the Las Vegas Ticket Lawyers at Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law.  In most cases we can even handle your ticket with a single consultation over the phone.  Don’t hesitate.  Call us today at (702) 329-4911 or email

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