Mesquite Nevada Car Accident Killer Mistakes

By following these tips if you are involved in a car accident in Mesquite, Nevada, you can avoid some regular blunders that could significantly hurt your case.  Please read this information and contact Rise Legal – Steve Dixon Law, one of Mesquite’s top car crash lawyers to help with your Mesquite car accident.  Steve Dixon Law has offices in Las Vegas, Mesquite, and Logandale/Overton to assist you with your car  accident.  Call (702) 329-4911 for a free consultation today.

Danger!  Beware These Mesquite Nevada Car Accident Mistakes and be Led to Victory

Obtain a Police Report!

After a Mesquite, Nevada car accident, your primary concern is to make sure you are not seriously injured.  If you are injured, but still able to somehow move, please do so in the safest manner possible. If you are ok to move, you can then make sure everyone else in your vehicle is ok if others have been involved. 

The next step is to call the police.  Sometimes people don’t call the police if the accident is considered minor.  However, even the Nevada Supreme Court agrees that even minor accidents can result in major injuries.  Simply exchanging information with the other party involved in the accident is not sufficient. 

By calling the police, you create a legitimate paper trail documenting the incident.  Cases that do not have a police report are harder to settle and litigate.  Even if you were hit by someone who fled the scene, you can still go to the police and create a report.  Make sure to tell the police that you are injured if you are indeed hurt in your car crash.  There is no need to be a “tough guy” and say I’m ok, when you really aren’t.

Don’t forget to read the police report when you receive a copy.  Police officers make mistakes just like everyone else.  If information is missing or incorrect in the report, contact the police department to clarify the information ASAP.

Take Pictures!

Any good injury attorney will want to know if there are pictures of the vehicles.  Just like the song, pictures say  a thousand words.  Good pictures of the damage to your vehicle can help win  your case. Pictures make the very best evidence during a jury trial. 

Take pictures from a lot of different angles showing the damage to your vehicle.  You also want to take pictures showing the damage to the other at fault vehicle.   Take pictures of the inside of your vehicle if the airbags deployed or if there is interior damage.  You should also take pictures of your injuries, if any.  This is especially true if you have bruises or cuts.  After the pictures are taken make sure they are saved somewhere, like in the cloud or emailed to someone so they can’t get lost. 

Go To A Doctor

If you are injured, you need to seek medical attention immediately.  Some people try and tough it out.  However, diagnosing any potential injuries is key to not only feeling better, but resolving your case faster.  Any delay in treatment will send up red flags to an insurance company as to why you haven’t treated immediately.  Even if you are at home in pain, insurance companies will claim you are lying about your injuries.  Your doctors can identify your injuries and document them providing real proof of your injuries.  Don’t hesitate to see a doctor immediately after your accident.

Hire Steve Dixon Law – Immediately

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Mesquite Nevada car accident, don’t hesitate to call the injury lawyers at Steve Dixon Law.  We have helped clients with hundreds of personal injury actions.  Our client reviews speak for themselves.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding these Mesquite Nevada car accident tips, and for your free consultation.  Call (702) 329-4911 today.


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