Best Accident Lawyer Mesquite Nevada

If you need an accident lawyer in Mesquite, Nevada, make sure to hire someone who is qualified to handle your case.  The Law Offices of Stephen M. Dixon, Ltd. have handled hundreds of car accident cases.  Perhaps just as important, we know who you are and are concerned about your community.  Steve Dixon’s family traces back to some of the original founders of the Mesquite, Nevada area.  In addition, many of his ancestors were laid to rest in the area’s cemeteries.  These deep roots bring an added sense of concern to help you win your case.

Local Accident Representation in Mesquite Nevada

If you were injured in a car accident in Mesquite, Nevada, and a lawsuit is necessary, your attorney will have to file that case in Las Vegas courts.  Steve Dixon was born and raised in Las Vegas and has served in the Las Vegas court system since 2006.  He is familiar with the judges and processes of Las Vegas, having worked with some of the Judges before they were appointed to the bench.  This experience is invaluable.  Lawyers from out of state won’t have this edge or knowledge of Nevada’s system.  Nor will they have familiarity with the lawyers who will oppose your case for the insurance company.  These advantages are more important than you think and should not be discounted.  Even though Steve Dixon has local roots and current ties to Mesquite, Nevada, he has a strong presence and track record where your case might ultimately end up.  Go with someone whose track record is proven and who knows the system.

Top Representation

Steve Dixon Law has continually received top awards for personal injury attorneys in Nevada, along with continuous high marks from former clients.  The good news is that you can check this yourself.  Simply perform a Google search for the office and you can read all of our five star reviews, from real people just like you, regarding our services.  If you are looking for the top car accidnet lawyer in Mesquite, Nevada, call Steve Dixon Law now.

Free Consultations for Accidents in Mesquite Nevada

If a personal injury attorney does not offer a free consultation, then you need to find someone else.  In addition, the Law Offices of Stephen M. Dixon, Ltd. don’t get paid until they settle or win your case.  If you lose, they lose.  And they take your case so personally that losses don’t go over well in the office.  In addition to free consultations about a recent injury, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your current case and whether or not your current attorney is really doing what he or she should be doing in your case.  Most of the time they are, but it doesn’t hurt to have a second set of eyes look over your file.  Call (702) 329-4911 today for your free consultation and to get your personal injury case started.

We Won’t Take Home More Money Than the Client

One of the things Steve Dixon most prides himself on is the fact that he has never once taken home more money for an accident than has his client.  This means that in many cases he reduces his contracted fee with the client so they can put more money in their pockets heading home.  Steve Dixon does not believe it is fair that you, who was actually injured in an accident, should receive less than the lawyer handling the case.  We always strive to do what’s right and what is fair for the client first.  That’s why it is so important to hire someone who knows and understands your community.  Call Steve Dixon Law at (702) 329-4911 today if you need a car accident lawyer in Mesquite, Nevada.

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