Exclusive: Nevada Seller’s Permits

Most upstart Nevada businesses selling a product or offering various services will need a Nevada Seller’s Permit.  This is also known as a sales tax permit, sales tax number, sales tax license, or sales tax registration identification number.  At Steve Dixon Law, we have helped numerous clients form entities which also require a Nevada Seller’s Permit. 

One can obtain the permit through the Nevada Department of Taxation.  This can be done online through Nevada’s SilverFlume website found in conjunction with the Nevada Secretary of State.   On that same site, a business can not only obtain its seller’s permit, but register as a corporation, and perform other corporate activities online.

Why a seller’s permit in Nevada?

Businesses are required to register for a seller’s permit in Nevada when:

  • A business has a “nexus” (significant presence in the state) such as a retail store, office or warehouse where products are produced, stored and/or delivered
  • A business sells products and/or taxable services in Nevada (this includes even selling items at craft shows, fairs, seminars, conventions, etc. on an occasional basis)
  • Employees (sales reps or agents as well) who work in Nevada
  • An online business that is located in Nevada and sells taxable products to Nevada residents
  • An out-of-state business that sells products to residents of Nevada and also one of the following occurs:
    • Total annual sales to Nevada residents is $100,000 or more; or
    • 200 or more transactions from Nevada residents on an annual basis.

Which products and services are taxable in Nevada?

Most physical products sold at retail are taxable in Nevada.  These include merchandise like appliances, clothing, goods, and furniture.  In addition, anything that has a title like a vehicle, ATV, or other item is also taxable.  The good news is, most food and professional services are not taxable.  

How long will it take to get my Nevada seller’s permit?

It will usually take about 2-3 business days if you apply online.  Otherwise, it might take 2 weeks if you apply by mail with the Nevada Secretary of State. 


If you have questions about the Nevada seller’s permit, contact the law offices of Stephen M. Dixon, Ltd., aka Steve Dixon Law, at (702) 329-4911.  We can help you with all of your questions regarding seller’s permits, and other business items.

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